Why is it worth being VIP a Goliath Casino

Getting a VIP status is not an easy task, but is desired by every online player. You get many benefits for being a VIP player at a casino and you will feel privileged compared to other players. There is a big difference when it comes to VIP status in land based and online casinos. Land based casinos have the means to offer players free accommodation, free meals, entry to prestigious events and all the other perks which come with the VIP Status. Online casinos can’t offer that, but they make VIP access much easier than land based casinos.

Become a VIP Today

At Goliath casino all you have to do to get to a VIP status is make deposits and play the games. This is where online casinos take the lead when it comes to VIP programs. Once you make your account at Goliath casino you get a New Member status. The next level on the ladder is the Bronze VIP which is fairly easy to get. All you need to do is collect 10 reward points and your status is instantly upgraded. You get 1 reward point form every €35 wagered. This means that you only need to wager a total of €350 in real money mode to get to the first VIP level. The benefits instantly start coming your way as you get extra 25 free spins on your welcome package and 5 no deposit free spins each Sunday. Also the point redemption rate is instantly lowered and you now need to wager €30 to earn one reward point.

goliath casino vipIt’s as easy as that. The more you wager in real money mode the more points you collect and progress through the VIP levels. You can easily go through the Silver and Gold VIP levels and reach the much desired Platinum VIP. You will earn extra prizes along the way on each level. Silver, Gold and Platinum members get extra bonuses and free spins on top of their welcome package and the number of Sunday no deposit free spins increases from 10, 20 to 40 each week. The reward point redemption significantly goes down so you will need to wager €28, €25 and €23 for 1 reward point with each level passed. Platinum members at Goliath casino will also qualify for VIP Live Tournaments, get higher deposit and cash out limits, get personalized offers from their dedicated account manager and get monthly cash back on all of their losses for the previous month.

If you want to aim higher on the VIP ladder at Goliath casino you can go for the Premium and Prestige VIP levels. This is an exclusive club where you get in by personal invitation only. As you already guess these VIP levels enjoy the highest benefits like express cash outs, much higher cash backs on a monthly level, upgraded and personalized bonus promotions and the smallest reward point conversion level.

If you want to be a part of the VIP club at Goliath Casino just make your real money account and start earning reward points to get all the advantages the VIP program has to offer.

Make a deposit and be a VIP